WiFi Hotspot For Your Bus and Coach Fleet

RiderNetł is the most rugged and reliable Mobile Wi-Fi hot spot in its class. Providing a hotspot on the bus for internet (802.11) increases ridership and customer satisfaction. With RiderNetł, it is very simple to deploy and maintain even a large fleet. RiderNetł bundles all the equipment you need: mobile router, ruggedized cellular modem, low profile antennas, and cabling. RiderNetł also provides the required services necessary to provide Wi-Fi to your customers. We provide cellular airtime, technical support, remote system monitoring, remote system configuration and software maintenance, 1-800 user phone support service, usage reporting and content filtering. You also get GPS Vehicle Tracking and coach locator services. Especially suited for the harsh bus environment, this turn-key solution incorporates rugged hardware design that eliminates the use of less-reliable consumer cellular Aircards®.

Attract New Riders with a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot

Provide the final reason needed to ride your buses and coaches. Studies have shown amenities such as wireless Internet have increased ridership.

Retain Current Riders; Offer Mobile Productivity.

Turning a commute into productive time will maintain customer loyalty high. Reliable Wi-Fi is the only road to mobile productivity.

Know your Wi-Fi Service is paying off. Know your ROI

RiderNet Live gives you the tools you need to measure the usage of your Wi-Fi system, and our turn-key philosophy eliminates the management burden on your staff.

Include GPS and Improve Asset Management

Fleet GPS services is part of the Riderent3 Package- know where your coaches are

Get the WiFi Satisfaction Study

In-coach Wi-Fi can  increase and maintain your ridership.  Google says proves it!  Get the Wi-Fi satisfaction whitepaper and study report here